Version History

Version VerDate Description
2.2.0 05-Feb-2020 A) Bill X Type with Reference B) MR Updation for Rel of X Type Bill C) Cosmatic Changes for Home Screen for Mobiles
2.1.0 31-Jan-2020 A) Bill Entry Navigation B) Query for Bill MR and CNs C) Addition of Bill and MR Number in Booking Register and Delivery Register
2.0.0 27-Jan-2020 A) MR for Bill and Cn B) Submitted Outstanding
1.2.1 10-Jan-2020 A)Option Bill with Adv/Part Billing B) Consignment Tracking
1.2.0 05-Jan-2020 A)Notification -Eml Notification -UI Notification B) Version History
1.0.1 27-Dec-2019 A) Bug Fixes B) Validation on CN Entry and Bill Entry Screen
1.0.0 25-Dec-2019 A) Operation Module - Consignment Entry B) Billing Module - Bill Entry